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Find out how Atlantiq reduced the cost of its processing supplier invoices


Atlantiq | Supplier invoices | Inventory financing

What are the initiatives that have enabled it to achieve this performance ?

The first initiative concerns the Receipt-Input/Codification – Archiving procedure

This part of the processing, which is highly time-consuming, is the function with the lowest added value: ATLANTIQ outsourced it to a service provider through which it was able to split the cost in half. The selection criteria applied by ATLANTIQ were:


Atlantiq| Supplier invoices Reduction


The second initiative concerns the Validation – Settlement of disputes procedure

This is the part with the highest added value and this is where ATLANTIQ had to innovate.
The invoice is immediately declared as compliant if the magic formula: BC (Order) = BR (Receipt) = FAC (Invoice) works out.

Atlantiq | ERP | Inventory financing
The observation helped identify that 2 in 3 invoices corresponded to this case and that it could increase to 4 in 5 by adding a few simple management rules (tolerance limit on unit prices and quantities, automatic consideration of fees not included in the order, etc.).
Only non-compliant invoices are sent to the dispute settlement system.
ATLANTIQ manages the supplier invoicing for its clients, who alone can settle trade disputes.
A client portal that publishes the disputed invoices is available to the clients. At the same time, it also helps in the settlement of disputes (identification of price or quantity differences, automatic transmission of credit note requests to suppliers, automatic recovery in case of non-receipt within a specified time, statistics on the causes and frequency of disputes by supplier, etc.)
This organisation helps refocus the supplier accounting on the settlement of disputes rather than the recording of compliant invoices.

The third initiative concerns Payment

Any normally created ERP now automates this function: from the creation of payment files for banks to the details of the transfer notification sent to the supplier by email… the monitoring of the credit account.

Atlantiq |ERP| Financement de stock
To reduce the cost means to limit calls from suppliers wanting to know the status of their invoice or to request payment.
On this point, Atlantiq has decided to set up a portal for suppliers that allows them to know whether the status of the invoice is compliant (planned or completed payment date) or in dispute (reasons and current credit note requests).
To ensure the success of such a portal with the suppliers, it is also important to take into account their request for an advance payment: the discount obtained becomes a new opportunity to reduce the cost of processing a supplier invoice.

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